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Item Review: The Hanger Project

Miguel at Beyond Fabric gave us a glowing review on our hangers. Take a look see.


It’s only natural that the first step when building a wardrobe, once your style is defined, is to lay the foundations for all those menswear essentials and little by little enjoy every purchase. While acquiring new garments is definitely thrilling, the habit of continuously expanding your collection often throws garment care and storage into oblivion. This continuous loop makes us forget just how important garment care really is: if you spend time and well earned money in purchasing exquisite pieces, why not devote the same attention to keeping them looking sharp and in perfect condition?
While this is easily perceived for specific items, such as shoes, where shoe trees have growingly been accepted as a must have for expanding the life span of expensive footwear, the rule does not apply to other garments such as suits, jackets, shirts or pants. Having recently moved to a new home and undergone a closet makeover, this became more and more evident to me when browsing through my collection and finding some creases and wrinkles on personal favourites. On my search for a better solution than wooden Ikea hangers, I was recently contacted by Kirby Allison, founder of the Hanger Project and someone who shares my view on caring for your garments; Kirby was kind enough to send me a few samples of his luxury hangers for review.
After unpacking the box I was facing a variety of hanger models made according to my size and specifically designed for shirts, suits, jackets and trousers. Apart from the trouser hanger, each model is available in different widths to adjust to your size and is constructed with an exclusive contoured profile that emulates your body shape; this allows your garments to avoid creasing and retain their original shape. Each hanger presents different finishings with distinct colors and materials, from traditional birch wood, to maple and european beechwood, and features a locking metal hook in gold or silver. Perhaps the most striking feature besides the sturdy construction and aesthetic is the shoulder width on the suit/jacket hangers: at 2,5” (approx. 6,3 cm) they are about 5 times the average width, ensuring optimal support and draping for your suits or blazers. The trouser hanger features a felted bar which secures and allows them to drape perfectly: if I had to be picky about something this would be it, as the felt takes some time to break in and become perfectly smooth, meaning the first few times will require a bit more attention to ensure perfect draping. 
Overall, if you’re looking to take your closet to the next level and increase the lifespan of your favourite garments, the Hanger Project is one of the best looking (and functional) alternatives out there: each version comes in packs and allows you to customize them to your size and taste. Plus, Kirby’s put up a great selection of shoe care products and menswear accessories that are definitely worth checking.


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    Miguel at Beyond Fabric gave us a glowing review on our hangers. Take a look see.
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